Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Dubai Taxi Driver....

Went for a day trip to Dubai and decided to park my car in Mirdif City Centre, and get a taxi to Mall of the Emirates. 
I like Dubai taxis because they have meters, and the system should be adopted in Oman, but that is for another rant in the future. 

As soon as I got into my cab (ID number NT 739) we drove out of the carpark and onto the highway. 
Then he decided to take a phone call.'s Dubai, I suppose I will just have to deal with it. 

But once he started using his other hand to fix his hair, gesticulate and describe what he was saying, it was decided that enough was enough.

He now had both hands off the wheel, and was drifting into adjacent lanes, and that for me was simply unacceptable. 

It took a series of comments, and then a physical intervention on his shoulder to get him to stop. 

His attitude to the incident was one of complete indifference. 
I guess he's tired of working as a taxi-driver and needs to look at other options. 

Maybe Dubai's RTA might have some career advice for him!

You can lecture me on how hard his life is, and how much he needs to feed his family back home, but if having a job means so much to you, then you should do your level best to hang onto it! 

If the driver is dangerous, let him go!



Expatmummy said...

You live in Oman and are suprised by this?

Anonymous said...

Re having meters in Taxis
I am happy with the existing system - for lots of reasons but principally price.
The fare from the airport into Ruwi by the official Taxi service is Rial Omani7/-.
Speaking to a Taxi driver I used (simply as I had guests with me) I learnt how the existing Airport system works and how much the fare will rise (again) if they do implement a metered system.
If I did what I usually do and walk over the bridge at the airport to get a taxi the fare would have been a fraction of the charge, yes I would have had to discuss the price but a little bit of a chat is ok.
If you wish to have the equivalent of a metered system in Muscat there is an existing system - phone for a taxi which comes for a fixed known charge. Using that will keep those who want to pay more happy and still allow others to enjoy a lower price.

Balqis De Cesare said...

never visited Italy ?

Anonymous said...

there are many honest taxi drivers here, but a good number of thieves. They shake tourists and unknowing others down for huge amounts to travel small distances. The system isn't transparent and that needs to be solved. A taxi user should not have need of someone's personal phone # to get a good service or rate.

Anonymous said...

Lawrence, your comment on Shy Rebellious's blog was spot on.

Lawrence of Azaiba said...

A nice kid, but very misguided.
Needs to step back a bit and look for the incongruence in what she writes.

Like the edge of a cliff in the fog!


Anonymous said...

Reading your 'disclaimer':

"incorrect and inaccurate interpretation of the contents of this blog."

Don't you think you can commit that too?

I never said "I love westerners" or "hate westerners" for example. I don't know what made you say this.

And I'm not seeking attention by those blogposts. That's the perfect example for your misinterpretations of my blog.

"Shut up" was too rude and mean, don't you think so? Appropriate response to that should be "Go to hell," or you tell me how you would respond to that if I said it to you?

I know what I'm doing and writing, Mr. Lawrence. I won't change my thoughts or style of writing just to please someone.

faisal piano said...

mimi, don't waste your time on this brit poofter. Scared of a frickin taxi driver?! Gimme a m'fkin break
btw, really sorry to hear about the disgusting mutilation in your family. I hope you can do something to make sure it never happens again to your loved ones.

Anonymous said...

faisal piano. You are on the wrong blog, you embarrassing little blowhard.

Anonymous said...

Faisal, I don't think he disagrees with most of what I say in my blog. He just hates some of the topics of my blogposts and expects more from me. And the problem seems to be that I don't want anyone to tell me what to write in my blog, and when to walk the big walk.

He's being really mean with me though. His comment here is fine. But saying harsh things to me like "you're seeking attention" or "shut up" or belittling me like in the Hitchens comment? That's what I didn't like about him.

Balqis De Cesare said...


he just said that you are confused and it seems that you don't know what you want or what role to play, which is the plain truth
And before your court jumps up saying that it is your personal space and your right to say what and how you like, ok fair, but when you say things in public, it becomes your personal public space, something different

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Whatever. But hope you know that I still respect you Balqis.

Lawrence of Azaiba said...


....and there, my dear child, in a single word, you have proved my argument for me.


Anonymous said...

Tell me how!!!!!

I was talking to Balqis. And did you notice that I wrote a comment before that and I deleted it?

Anonymous said...

I don't think you're planning to explain.


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