Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dear Queen of Sheba....

Forgive me. I tried to reply on Dhofari Gucci's blog but the allotted space for commenting was no sufficient, so here you go.

"Who are you to talk about this being all talk with no substance?"

The classic "Who are you…?" question. You must either come from here or be in the region too long."

"What substance, exactly, do you offer us?"
The experience to know that idle chatter on the internet with no basis other than "drawing attention" to a subject that already has organised campaigns usually does more harm than good: The road to hell being paved with good intentions.

"What is it that you would you like to see?"
I would like to see these two, obviously intelligent women, with quite a high blogosphere profile and exposure, go about doing what they do in a way that is more effective.
You see me as the aggressor, but what you fail to understand is that I have only been blogging my comments under this moniker for a few weeks now. There have been countless replies and advice over the past year given in a much more sedate way that have fallen on deaf ears so to speak.
If you pop over to my blog you will see that as soon as I made a more robust comment about the situation that the comment count jumped significantly. So while you may believe that I am some kind of cold-hearted bastard with no feelings for either woman, you have severely misconstrued my comments and failed to see them for what they actually are.

"Have you been to Dhofar, even briefly?"
Many times, and not just as a tourist in Salalah.

"Do you have any idea what the society here is like?"
Yes. I'm very familiar with it.

As a family, we have had a military connection with Dhofar for many years, and know the region and it's people intimately.

"The mere fact that Nadia and Mimi are actually WRITING publicly, as it is, about issues is astounding."
They are not writing publicly. They are, just like me, writing under an alias. Which is all well and good, but nothing to laud about.
I understand fully that freedom of expression is a matter of interpretation here in Oman. And therefore while I don't share your sentiment of how amazing it is to blog about sensitive issues under an assumed name, I do see the necessity to do it that way.

"how do you know that they are not doing it in Arabic as well, somewhere else?"
From what has been posted on both blogs, there is no evidence to suggest that they are.

"You are being ridiculous, because you feel that they are not proactive enough according to your own standards, which, might I remind you, have nothing in common with Omani standards"
Absolute rubbish. Standards are standards, and any system or culture that pretends to label nothing but the highest demonstration of it's kind has no place tagging it as such.
All too common a sight in Oman, are "standards" that fall way below the norm of what is globally acceptable.

"Did you ever stop to consider how this young woman indirectly told us through that story that the same has been done to her? How do you think that has affected her, you blabbering fool in trousers?"
Of course I have, and as I have said above, I am not in any way taking away from that. I have mentioned in my previous comments how barbaric and horrific FGM is.
The suggestion of "all talk and no trousers" is a figure of speech. Try to see that for what it is, rather than a suggestion of any kind of gender superiority.
In fact, if you read my posts and run them through more than one set of argumentative filters, you may see that I might not be as "ridiculous", "blabbering", "foolish", "absurd", "racially-fixated" or "double-standarding" as you think.

"Good Lord, where were Jessica's trousers and why did she only write about her ordeal on a blog, when she could have been in the front lines allowing medicine to experiment on her?"
Jessica's blog was indeed about her ordeal, however unlike my two fellow bloggers, she had a workable agenda to improve the quality of life of those around her, set up a charity organisation and went out there to make a difference. The evidence of that is there for the seeing.
Does she have more metaphorical trousers than the other two? Undoubtedly.
Would I have blogged about her if she was a dark-haired Arab girl? Yes, I would.
The fact that you went and played the race card on that comment raises an eyebrow with me. Was it you who on my blog post about her anonymously commented under the nickname "Wasp" about her being a "little white girl" or was that just someone of a similar ilk?

"I wonder what tune you'd be singing if there was a widespread problem involving MGM"
Who knows? It's a hypothetical suggestion at best, however, as I have empathised through comments with the plight of Mimi and Nadia before, I guess it would be fair to say that I would hold the same abhorrence and fear that they do, but I doubt that I would blog about it incessantly without at least having more effective and productive suggestions for change, rather than just saying "This is horrible. Change it!, but someone else should do it, not me!" A very typical Omani response to a problem. That is the "all talk and no trousers" that I am intimating at.

There are, as I said before, campaigns and organisations worldwide who are fighting the fight to stop this abominable nonsense. Their time and energy would be used to much greater effect if they liaised with the above.

And in relation to me having no trousers….again, we're into hypothesis and the more blanket judgments based on little fact. For all you know, I might not even be male at all, but what is that to stop a good rant, eh?
However, regardless of my gender, race or hair-colour, try not to see me as a black-hearted antagonist. I'm far from it. But while my methods of writing might upset or offend you, they do have a tendency to bring people a bit more out in the open.

Thank you for taking the time to write your comment. I hope that I have at least gone some way to explaining myself and answering your questions.

You may wish to take some time to reply to what I have said. Maybe this time, but not as it matters, you might be able to do it without adding a string of colourful labels to my character ;)



Anonymous said...

""how do you know that they are not doing it in Arabic as well, somewhere else?"
From what has been posted on both blogs, there is no evidence to suggest that they are."

Evidence? You don't need 'evidence' because I think I translate all my FGM posts into Arabic; can't you see that?!!

Lawrence of Azaiba said...

Is that your picture on your profile Mimi?

Or is it another flag-waving, attention-seeking homage to someone with a real agenda and not just a dabbler like yourself?


Lawrence of Azaiba said...

"You don't need 'evidence' because I think I translate all my FGM posts into Arabic"

You think or you do?

"Can't you see that?"

If I did see that, then I wouldn't have commented to the contrary, Mimi.
You see, this is what I mean about reading what you write.
There goes another comment of yours that was just thrown out there without any real thought to it!

But obviously it's just me, right?
No one else thinks in the same way about you.


Anonymous said...

"There goes another comment of yours that was just thrown out there without any real thought to it!"

That's funny to be honest. Just admit that you've been WRONG.

Attention seeking again? It's clear that you're not taking me seriously. I'm wasting my time here.

And that's my picture, copyrighted. Well I know you don't care much about copyrights, but let me tell you that no one is allowed to use my picture and post it somewhere else without my permission.

Peace x

Anonymous said...

Attention seeking... seriously!! It must be some anonymous hater in my blog who made you think of me this way. I got two of my teachers commenting anonymously in my blog. They both seem to dislike me. One of them claims that I'm seeking attention. Maybe its him.

But maybe yeah I'm seeking DAD's attention to my blog. Can you see what's in the picture? I think you know that a burqa wearer.

Nadia said...

Dear God, Lawrence. Chip on the shoulder or what? You don't know me in person (thank goodness for that), but if you did you'd know what I'm doing to spread awareness on FGM here in Salalah.

I'm not going to bother responding to your comments because unlike you, I actually have a life.


Ps (do remember, blogging is a form of activism)

Anonymous said...

Funny how badly written SRAG's comments are compared to her posts. Unedited? And the only reason she uploaded that picture was because she's worried that there will be a massive drop in traffic to her site, after comments were disabled.

I thought you disabled comments so you could concentrate on your Japanese?

I'm sorry, I really don't want to be nasty but you just make it too easy. Chill out, grow up and please, please take a big dose of humility. You won't get anywhere, especially in Britain or Japan, with that attitude.

Anonymous said...

" And the only reason she uploaded that picture was because she's worried that there will be a massive drop in traffic to her site, after comments were disabled"

A comment but another Hater. Or probably some jealous coward?

Well guess what, the hits increased since I disabled the comments, and more people started following me on facebook and twitter. It's not about the picture. Comments don't make a difference.

Yeah "unedited." Now say its because linoleum surfer or whoever edits my blog.

Wow I'm really surrounded by so many haters. So many.

Anonymous said...

By another hater*

I'm writing from my blackberry.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone be jealous Mimi? Try and take a bit of criticism for once. I can only speak for myself, but we, the 'haters', are not the imbeciles you think we are.

And word up: Academia requires acceptance of criticism, and a degree of questioning of one's own assumptions and ideas. I don't think Darwin ever dismissed opponents of his theories 'haters', and sulked into his diary about all those nasty people who don't agree with him. Not that I am comparing you to a great mind like Darwin.

As I said, I don't want to be nasty but you're making it very easy for people to dislike you. No offence.

Anonymous said...

Anyways, I have a lot to do, but try and think about what was said rather than just dismissing it. You might learn something about yourself.

Peace out, have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice. But I know your game; be 'nasty' and then say that I don't accept criticism.

I'm not expecting constructive criticism from the 'haters' in the first place. There's no criticism to accept here since you admitted that you're a hater and claimed that I uploaded my picture for a silly reason.

I don't know what I did to make many of you hate me. I understand why Arabs and Muslims would hate me, but others? I don't really understand. I blog about some personal things (like rollerblading and my problems with sister) which Lawrence think are silly; so how come these silly things make you hate me? I think you just have a problem with me but try to make it sound like you're giving some constructive criticism which I refuse to accept.

I'm sick of this. But do you know what I learnt from blogging? I learnt that I shouldn't judge people, because I found so many judging me. That's a really valuable lesson to me and I wish some others could experience what I went through to understand that too.

The thing I still can't learn is how not to give a damn about what the people who don't care for me say. I understand criticism, and I know that I should accept it, but if you want me to accept your criticism, make sure you're not a hater because it will not work if you are, and make sure you're saying that with a good intention, not even thinking of how "not to be nasty."


Anonymous said...

I don't know why I had to respond to an anonymous comment!

And you Lawrence, admit that you were wrong!;p

Anonymous said...

"Not that I am comparing you to a great mind like Darwin."

Yeah. There was Hitchens and here is Darwin.

You were trying to say something good but then you screwed it with being mean. Maybe this is the result of some irrational hatred that I don't understand.

Allah y3eenkum (may Allah help you!)

And yes I have to study Japanese, because I'm planning to live there for a few years.

Lawrence of Azaiba said...

"And you Lawrence, admit that you were wrong!;p"

I will if you will, missy! :)


Anonymous said...

"I will ... "

This is enough for the time being. Thanks for confessing :D

Disturbing! said...

OMG! Mimi, take that pic scared the hell out of me.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, I think her eyes look nice.

upsidown kidatey said...

mimi, the real attention seeker is the obvious troll, lawrence. Don't fall for his bait, he's just a pompous keyboard warrior. side note: I love your alluring look in the picture. ;-) Give us some more!

Queen of Sheba said...

The fact is my post got to you and that is why you had to reply - but decided to respond only to what you could twist and turn to your advantage. Since you blogged your answer it would only have been fair to include my full comment as well as the comment, by you, that I was replying to. But that would surely defeat your purpose. You are simply lying, because there is not a single post by you in that comment section that talks about the horror of FGM. But plenty of comments about "trousers", a metaphor of which you are obviously very fond - but which is also, may I point out, very wrong. It's not "all talk and no trousers", but "all talk and no action". By "no trousers" it's clear you were referring to Mimi and Nadia having no kahunas, pardon my French, and that metaphor applied to FGM is so tasteless that I have no comment. Also, I did call you a "blabbering fool", but that is the only label applied to you as a person - the rest were directed at your actual comments which I still think were "ridiculous", "absurd" and full of "double standards".

Note, I never said racially fixated, you added that epithet all by yourself - right before you had the temerity to apply it to me. I was perfectly clear when I said that the only reason I would ever talk about Jessica sarcastically is to point out your own double standards - and I did so quite well, apparently. Jessica was privileged in a way that Mimi and Nadia are not - she could be herself. Maybe you'd like Mimi and Nadia to put their full names on the blog, maybe take some pictures of "real" FGM images, even personal ones, for the heck of it, ah? - how long would they be allowed to continue having a computer? This is something someone of your "ilk" apparently just cannot grasp - BOTH are tragedies Jessica's tumors AND Dhofari girls' FGM, and BOTH are horrific. Jessica had the freedom to blog about it in one way - and the Dhofari girls are blogging about it in another way. Maybe you feel that their way is not as effective as Jessica's - but then you do not have to live by Dhofari standards do you? And, to be honest, neither did Jessica. Cause if she was Dhofari - she'd never have done it!

Finally, before I bid you adieu, it is not "your writing" which upsets and offends - it is the person behind the words.

Queen of Sheba

p.s. See? If a comment is too long you can make two comments out of it - no need for a blog entry ;)

Queen of Sheba said...

*the first parts of my comment keep disappearing, so this is the last try:

Hm, strange ... I should not comment, but then again, since you are using my post to continue antagonizing I feel there are a few things I should point out.

First, the majority of my questions were not really asking for an answer, but were, rather, either rhetorical, sarcastic, or simply suggested that you should stop and think - at least for a minute, about how things you have written (even if they were as well-meaning as you imply) may come-off. The internet is full of people who just type and don't even pause to think before they do so. Since you are telling us that Mimi and Nadia are amongst these people and that you dislike it so immensely - then don't also be one of them.

You didn't appreciate my colorful labels, aaa? Interesting, since you are so fond applying them to others yourself.

I asked "Who are you ..." and "What substance you offer" primarily because, unlike with Mimi and Nadia and many other bloggers whom I read - you couldn't even be bothered to write the little blurb about yourself BY yourself. Instead, you copy-pasted it - absurd. Where is your picture? What is your name? And you criticize other bloggers for also being anon? Just plain ridiculous.

What you write about on your blog, from what I have seen, is of absolutely no substance as well - as much as you'd like to emulate UD ;). I had not heard of you prior to, when was it - yesterday or the day before? - and can't really say I've missed much. Had I not been irritated by your comments, I'd never have visited your blog - and wasn't planning on visiting it again until you let me know through Nadia's blog that a response was awaiting me here.

Clearly, you're trying to attract visitors and are seeking attention - and figured negative attention is as good as any other. Kudos to you. But just because you have not been able to be effective while being polite - does not actually mean that you'll be effective by being an ass. Sorry for the 'label' just need to call a spade a spade, no? Sure, you'll get attention, but it will be brief, for I will not comment on here again, nor will I read your response, nor bookmark your blog and tell my friends about it. So you have, in that respect, failed, my friend.

Queen of Sheba said...

I could go on for a while, but it's not worth it. You don't know Nadia or Mimi, neither do I, so you really cannot say whether or not they are actually doing something about FGM in a more proactive way. So to debate their effectiveness or inefficiency in this matter is, again, ridiculous, n'est-ce pas?

But to ridicule them anonymously, for their anonymity and for blogging about this issue is just plain mean spirited and has told me enough about you. I must also correct you - I did not say it was "amazing" what they are doing, don't belittle me, I said it was astounding. And it is, especially to keep their identities a mystery, a feat whose success I am not in a position to judge fully, but which they appear to have accomplished. Even you admit that you see a necessity for it, so I need not expound upon that further, as anyone with a brain would see it too.

And of course standards are not standards worldwide. Culture impacts standards does it not? Some parents of children in India feel it is perfectly acceptable for them to play with human feces, whereas parents in France would probably not agree with that assessment. While it is perfectly acceptable for a woman in the States to march publicly demanding her rights - it's not really quite as acceptable in Oman, is it? I feel idiotic even having to point it out.

upsidown kidatey said...

bravo, queen of sheba! You left the troll with absolutely nothing to push back on. Sorry lawrence, maybe next time, you worthless ballsack!

Anonymous said...

A bit early to call don't you think? He hasn't even replied yet!

Lawrence of Azaiba said...

"Sure, you'll get attention, but it will be brief, for I will not comment on here again, nor will I read your response.."

Well, there's no point in retorting as while it would be entertaining for the rest of you, the target of the reply will neither read nor comment on it.

Unless they came back in again and backtracked on the above statement, which would then put them in the same sad little box that a lot of bloggers on here sit in....the one where you write a declaration of intent and don't stick to it.

Respect is due if no further comment is made, or the solidity of one's convictions is called into question if the opposite occurs.

"..., nor bookmark your blog and tell my friends about it. So you have, in that respect, failed, my friend."

As if I counted on the likes of you for popularity of my blog! Jesus wept!

Moving on.....

Anonymous said...

Lawrence, going by what you write, you are the most obnoxious and disrespectful person I have come across. Now, it seems as though you are purposely antagonizing everyone in order to get a that will be the last one from me.
May I suggest you get your head out of your backside?

Anonymous said...

From a different Anonymous: I enjoy your posts and comments Lawrence. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

from the real anonymous: the previous anonymous is lawrence, fluffing like his mama taught him

Anonymous said...

lol. someone's upset!

Anonymous said...

Stumbled upon all these comments and back tracked to the DG blog and ensuing comments .... quite interesting ... but Lawrence - did you note ? everyone missed your original point - if you feel, then act in addition to blabber ... they are all busy defending their point of view and nursing egos (FGM forgotten) - social activism is selfless and free of ego trips ... have fun folks ...

Anonymous said...

Agree with the above!

I think Lawrence realized that he was dealing with a group of idiots and gave up blogging.

Lawrence of Azaiba said...

"I think Lawrence realized that he was dealing with a group of idiots and gave up blogging. "