Saturday, January 7, 2012


The fabulously brave and way-beyond-her-years mature Jessica Joy Rees, passed away two days ago, at the age of just twelve. 

Her blog started out as a way for Jessica to keep her friends informed of how she was doing during her hospital fights with her two inoperable brain tumours, which were diagnosed only one year previously. 

The blog went viral and she became a worldwide inspiration and support to her fellow sufferers and also to their families and friends. 
Through her life-maxim of "Never Ever Give Up" the NEGU Foundation was formed, one of the functions of which, was to deliver Joy Jars (a light-hearted and fun care package for children struggling with serious illnesses.) 

The power of the blogosphere and it's uses for making the world a better place is never more greatly demonstrated as it is in this case. 

Thank you Jessica for your bravery, your good heart and your "awesomeness"! 



Sythe said...

link to her blog?

Lawrence of Azaiba said...

My apologies, Sythe. Finger trouble.

Blog is now linked to the post.
The original evolved into what is now published online.


wasp said...

just because she is a young white girl.

Lawrence of Azaiba said...


"just because she is a young white girl."

Single Helix.

Anonymous said...

That's so sad!!!!

She reminded me of Aya Kito, the Japanese girl who suffered from something called "spinocerebellar ataxia" and who was a real inspiration to me.

I have to admit that I wouldn't be able to finish writing my first novel if I didn't read Aya's diaries. I once talked about her in my blog and I translated some of her diaries into Arabic.

Thanks for blogging about Jessica..