Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Spare a thought....

A couple of days ago, I took a few deep breaths, trudged through the mayhem and did a fortnight's worth of shopping in Carrefour at Mawalah. 
This suburb of Muscat has quite a reputation for being a sort of posh-ghetto hybrid with some very nice villas, yet a surplus of unoccupied youth with not much to do except hang around. 

Therefore, outside of the normal 'up-yours' style of graffiti that comes in areas like this, it was rather unusual to see that someone had mustered up the courage, probably in the dead of night, to vandalise some local property, in an effort to draw attention to a large but little talked about west African nation: Niger.

Having checked out Wikipedia, I found that it's a very interesting place, but has had more than it's fair share of civil unrest. However, with an abundance of uranium, gold and other precious metals, it is making a name for itself in global economic circles. It also has a burgeoning tourist industry. 

So please, spare a thought for Niger, as this individual has done, but, I do not condone that you write it on walls where you live.


Sythe said...

boom boom!

haha - morning!

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Andrew Brown said...

You, sir, are funny! Keep them coming, haha!