Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Message from Base Camp....

For many moons now, I have been watching the Omani blogosphere with great interest, particularly in the way that it has been developing. 
Over the past five years or so, awareness of the power of the internet has manifested itself in the psyches of more and more locals and expatriates who spend their days living and working in this beautiful country. 

Oman for me, is no longer a mixed-up affair. The dark and light sides of what lies within it's borders get clearer as each day passes. There are places that enthral and amaze me with their natural beauty and yet, in equal measure, I see things that make me baulk. 
Coming from many different and diverse backgrounds, social and intelligence levels, I feel that I can say the same for those people who reside here. 
On one hand I'm amused by the happy-go-lucky, relaxed attitude that runs through most aspects of life here, but get disheartened and irked by the stifling of potential in some for the benefit of others who may not deserve it and the sheer ineptness and apathy of certain individuals who seem to think that they are answerable to no-one.

Some of what I will blog on here will show the things that I like, but I will also warn you that there shall be articles that some folks or another may not like to read about.

To quote Henry Rollins "If you really want to hurt them and their children not yet born tell them the truth always."

All of my posts will, however, possess a common trait in that they are my opinions and mine alone. To be blunt, if you don't like what I have to say, you have two options: leave a comment for debate....or take yourself somewhere else. Do not post baseless tripe - it wastes your time, mine and that of genuine bloggers.

Over the past two decades, I have walked across deserts and glaciers, traversed mountain ranges, scaled canyons and spent time in some of the most violent, extreme and inhospitable places on the planet: all in a personal quest to see how the world turns and how it's people tick. 

There are good and bad sides to us all, and I have now seen enough of Oman to begin making comments about it.
The disclaimer is there, as is the guidance and conditions for partaking in any debate on this blog. 

To finish, I am looking forward to contributions from the plethora of bloggers I have been reading throughout my time here. Some of you I admire. Some of you I downright despise. All of you, however, should you wish to engage, are very welcome. 

Let's walk...


Anonymous said...

So are you the talk the talk and walk the walk anonymous?

Welcome to the Omani blogosphere. Looking forward to the next blog post.

Mimi (Shy rebellious Dhofari)

Lawrence of Azaiba said...

Don't get me wrong Mimi.
I am talking about the impression that one tends to get from some of what you write.
You neglected to mention in your earlier diatribe that I also happened to state that I liked reading your blog.

In my experience with the region, the acceptance of constructive criticism does not go down very well.
You appear to be a case in point.

I repeat again: I like reading your blog, but I just feel that it lacks direction or a motive of some sort. It is all well and good saying that it is a personal blog, but the moment that you share it with the internet, it actually ceases to be that.

Walk with me a little, and we will chat some more in the future.



Anonymous said...

I didn't get you wrong at all. And maybe you think I didn't accept your criticism because I commented on what you said! If I ignored you wouldn't think of me this way now.

Believe me I didn't forget that you said you like reading my blog :) I just didn't mention that because I wanted that post to be for everyone else not only you. I just feel some people are expecting things I don't want to do.

Have a look at the link of my blog. It reads "how to love davey" Davey (Havok) is an American singer. I wonder how many newspaper reports about the Arab Spring Davey has read -__-

My blog got popular somehow and I got some thoughts in my head to share. That's why I started receiving so many comments critising me/my thoughts/my blog.

I just have to learn how to ignore. Because of course I want to make a change to the better in my society and I don't have to explain things to my readers. I will do something in the future inshallah but I just have plans that a few people know about. There will consequences of my rebellion. I just believe its better to plan things beforehand.

Anonymous said...

Want to hear advice if you have any.

Mimi (the last comment was sent by me)

Nadia said...

Welcome to the Omani Blogosphere Lawrence of Azaiba! I look forward to being a regular :)

Lawrence of Azaiba said...


Many thanks.


Andrew Brown said...

It's always good to have a new blogger on board!

Sythe said...

Welcome to the Omani Blogosphere Lawrence of Azaiba! I look forward to reading your stuff!

AZ said...

All the best with your blog.

P.S. Your nom de plume is pure genius!

Lawrence of Azaiba said...

Thank you all for your welcoming comments.